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129 General Echavez St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Accompany from the parents is not required, Winning can arrange guardian to accompany. USD75/week/person aside from the tuition.

Yes, both Peso / USD are ok.

  •  5 USD/week. Please make a payment to the coordinator while reporting. It includes 1 free textbook+course materials given during class.
  •  The teacher will mainly use course materials while lecturing. If the English ability improve faster than expected, the text book will be wasted. But if the students really need the textbook of each subject, they can contact with the management.

10 USD/week for students who live in the dormitory. Please make a payment to the coordinator while reporting.

20 USD for ROUND pick-up. Please make a payment to the agent while registering.

100 USD for students who live in the dormitory. Please make a payment to the coordinator while reporting.

130 USD. Please make a payment to the coordinator while reporting. Based on the regulations of the Philippines, students shall apply the tourist visa before departing. After enrollment, Winning will assist the students to transfer it into SSP.

  •  4 weeks is considered as a unit. The application shall be filed to the management. Winning deserves the right of the final decision.
  • 100 USD for additional 1:1 class/4 weeks. 50 USD for additional group class/4 weeks. 50 USD for changing group class to 1:1 class/4 weeks.
  • There will be no refund if student cancel their scheduled class.

No Made-Up Class on regular or special holidays announced by the government. If the class is cancelled due to Winning, Winning will provide Made-Up Class for students on another day.

No elective group courses as of now. But students could take additional 1:1 course, 100USD/4 weeks.

4 years old above (including 4 years old)

  • Weekend test: None
  •  I can only go out if I pass the test?: No this kind of rules!
  •  Upgrade test: Grade test will be held every month, and it takes around120 minutes. It determins the English level of students and the courses will be adjusted by the result of the test.
  • Daily test: Yes, it depends on the content of the lectures.



  • Pre-TOEIC
  • Pre-IELTS

    {KIDS ESL}

  •  Minor (Below 18)
    21:00 from Sunday to Thursday
    22:00 from Friday to Saturday
    Minor students who wants to be out after curfew shall file application and make agreement, and be accompanied by adult.
  •  Adult
    23:00 from Sunday to Thursday
    00:00 from Friday to Saturday
    Adult students who wants to be out after curfew shall file application and make agreement.

No punishment or penalty policy as of now

It is ok to live in the same room if it is informed in advanced. Agreement is also required.

On the arrival date, Winning will have an Orientation about the environment, facilities in and nearby the school. Students are free to go out after the briefing. If students need any assistance, please inform the representative of Winning.

Grade test will be held on the first day of enrollment. And it will be held monthly regularly as well. The result and progress will be provided to the student and the agent.

Students still have to take class on the last day. Graduation ceremony will be held on the last Friday of the semester.

Suggested daily necessities: toiletry, bug bite ointment and spray, gastrointestinal drugs, swimsuit, sunglasses, sunblock products, folders, notebooks, USD, slippers or sandals, sneakers, hangers, thermos bottles, backpackers…etc.

If student provide the personal picture, he/she will receive Student ID’s on 2nd school day. (two 1in x 1in ID photo)

  •  Students can not change teacher during the first 2 weeks after enrollment. Starting from the 3rd week, students can file application every Monday-Wednesday and the teacher will be changed 5 working days after the application is filed.
  • Please specify the reason of changing teacher. Students are not allowed to choose teacher, Management will be the one to arrange it.
  • Once the teacher is changed, students can’t request to change it back to the previous teacher.

There are American and German part-time teachers.

  • Filipino teachers: 50 / peak season. 20 / off-season
  • Foreign teachers: 2 part-time teachers

Students may check-in any day of the week, but most preferably on a weekend, so that student may start on a Monday.

The accommodation fee is calculated per week. If students check-in on Monday, they should check-out on Monday as well. USD 20/day/person including meals if students want to extend the stay.

Housekeeping service will be provided once a week by the hotel which is cooperated with the school. If students need housekeeping service, just place the sign on the door. The cleaner will clean once sign is visible. Student may leave their rooms but make sure to bring any important variables with you.

A laundry bag will be provided to each student upon arrival by our School Coordinator. Laundry will be collected 2 times a week. and will be delivered after 1-2 days.

No, there are no laundry machines in the school.

No, students have to purchase the hangers by themselves.

Yes, the plastic bag will be provided.

There are no bunk beds, only spring beds in the room. There are SINGLE ROOM / 2 PERSON ROOM / 3PERSON ROOM / FAMILIY 4 PERSON ROOM

The water and electricity fee is fixed in 10 USD/week. It is not charged by the usage.

There is a safe in the room.

There is a safe in the hotel. If students have other special requests, please contact the coordinator.

Yes, students can find a place to stay by themselves, but only register in the programs

  •  A hotel which is located 1 km away from the school. The school provides the shuttle bus between the hotel and the school.
  • Features of the hotel: Designed and built by the German CEO. Just opening in 2017. Clean and novel/fully equipped facilities in the room/1.2km from Robinsons Mall.
  • Please refer to the photos in the link.
  •  Meal fee is included in the accommodation fee. 3 meals will be provided during weekdays and holidays.
  • Opening hour: breakfast0730-0900/lunch1200-1300/dinner1700-1800.
  • Meals are not provided for the students who do not live in the dorm. Students could order the meals in this payment: breakfast USD$2 / lunch USD$3 / dinner USD$3
  •  If student will leave dormitory or don’t want to eat, please inform coordinator ahead to avoid wasting food.

Many vegetarian students had enrolled in Winning before. Our chef with 4-star hotel experience offers different types of vegetarian dishes (Vegan / Ovo-Lacto)

  • Off season: 1:1 classroom*20, group classroom*3
  • Peak season: 1:1 classroom*40, group classroom*12

No time limit. Opening hours of study room is 06:00-23:00

Wifi is provided in general speed.

The canteen at the first floor is an open multifuntion room, it opens 24hr.

No public computers are provided as of now.

  •  WELL SPA is a chain spa invested by Korean. The one in the school is the 4th spa. Students will be offered a special price.
  • Student discount is offered. Students could enjoy a 10% discount by showing student ID and sign on the list. The student discount is not applied together with other discount offered by WELL SPA.

GYM is NOT free. School has cooperated price. Please inquire details to office staff. Daily rate: 150.00 Monthly rate: 1,150.00 3 months membership: 2,900.00 6 months membership: 5,400.00

  • Capacity: 100 persons in total
  • Single: 10 rooms
  • Twin room: 10 rooms
  • Triple room: 20 rooms
  • Quad: 5 rooms
  • Quin or above: 0 rooms

Yes, both in the school and in the dormitory.

There is no swimming pool in school. If student wants to swim, we suggest to go to Sacred Heart Center Sport Club which is 800m away from school. They have swimming pool and cheap. The map shows in the right column.

The manager will take students to Ayala mall or Robinsons to shop and exchange money. Usually it will be on the arrival date on weekends. The manager will make appointment with the students

Students can purchase SIM card/recharge card from the coordinator on the week of enrollment. Recharging has to be done by the students themselves.

The briefing includes the intruduction of the environment, facilities in and nearby the school.

  • Jollybee in 3 minutes’ walk
  • Bakery in 2 minutes’ walk
  • Supermarket (Fooda) in 10
  • minutes’ walk
  • Café: Semi-outdoor at 6th floor in the school. 5 minutes’ walk outside of the school.
  • Massage: Well Spa at 2nd floor in the school, students have to pay on their own. There are many SPA outside in 5 minutes’ walk.
  • Ayala Mall in 10-15 minutes’ walk, 5-10 minutes by car.
  • Robinson Mall in 10 minutes by car.
  • SM City Cebu in 15 minutes by car.
  • I.T park in 15-20 minutes by car.
  • Mango square in 5 minutes by car
  • We provide both school and extra-curricular activities~
    School activities~
    1. Graduation ceremony
    2. Japanese/Vietnamese elective courses (irregularly)
  • Extra-curricular activities~
    1. Exchange couse with other school(Throughout the year)
    2. Orphanage visiting (Throughout the year)
    3. Basketball/badminton competition (During winter/summer vacation)
    4. Golf camp (irregularly)
    5. Weekend tour (follow the announcement)

Students have to sign on the record book if they are going out during weekdays and holidays. Students have to make agreement if they are going to stay overnight outside.

  • Special education system.
  • We(Winning English) are family! “CARE” is the core concept of Winning English.
  • We(Winning English) are a Global village and aiming to be an international ESL.
  • Trustworthy Teachers. 90% teachers are graduated from English teaching major.
  • Excellent Teacher Training System.
  • Wonderful Location at heart of Cebu.
  • Hotel type management : Chef who is experienced in 4-star hotel for 7 years.
  • First Philippines-Taiwan co-found ESL.